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Water Sports

Lake Malawi’s crystal clear blue waters are a water sports enthusiast paradise. A selection of dinghies, catamarans, wind surfers, canoes and kayaks are available for hire at most of the resorts along the Lakeshore.

Water skiing is also an offer at most of these resorts. For serious wind surfers the Lake Malawi International Yachting Marathon, held annually in July to take advantage of the south easterly “Mwera winds” is one of the most interesting boat races anywhere in the world. The event is open to any sailing boat with a Portsmouth of 100 or less. It is billed as the longest fresh water sailing competition in the world covering a distance of over 500 kilometers from Mangochi in the southern lakeshore to the islands of chizumulu , winding up in Nkhatabay.

Diving And Snorkeling

Lake Malawi provides a good location for diving and snorkeling. The ideal time to enjoy this adventure is between the months of August to December when visibility can reach up to 30 m. the multicolored cichlid fish species of the lake attracts visitors for diving and the lake is recognized by experts as to be amongst the “best fresh water diving waters in the world”. Lake Malawi has also one of the cheapest diving schools in the world offering internationally recognized courses such as PADI and NAUI. Places such as Aqua Africa, Danforth yachting, Kande beach, Mango Drift can be contacted for further information.

The lake temperature ranges from 24-28 degrees Celsius is ideal for diving without a wetsuit.

Hiking And Trekking

The mountainous terrain throughout the country offers opportunities for hiking/trekking holidays in which visitors can experience spectacular scenic vistas, waterfalls, wild-life, birds and exotic flora with stopovers in simple campsites, forest lodges, village huts or more comfortable lodges.

Particularly important are the Zomba Plateau, the Nyika Plateau and Mount Mulanje, although hiking/trekking is permitted in all of the national parks and game reserves but hikers must be accompanied by a Guide/Ranger from the Department of Parks & Wild-life.

A popular trek in Nyika is the Livingstonia Route, commencing at Chelinda, traversing eastwards to Manchewe Falls and Livingstonia and down the escarpment to Chitimba. This takes a total of 4 days to complete.

Other trekking opportunities of shorter duration exist, including Senga Bay, Cape Maclear, Dedza Mountain, Mt.Michiru, and the forest reserves of Dzalanyama and Ntchisi and the Zoa Falls on the Ruo River

Rock Climbing
Rock climbing is largely done at Mount Mulanje where a number of routes along the great granite faces offers experienced climbers a variety of challenges. However, rock climbing and abseiling for an unexperienced adventurer can be arranged at some forest lodges such as Luwawa Forest Lodge.
The climbs offer varied degrees of difficulty ranging from international Gr .3 to Gr.6

Malawi presents a broad range of angling opportunities throughout the country.

Fish Variety



Rainbow Trout

Zomba Plateau
Mulanje Mountain
Nyika Plateau

Requires day licence

Tiger Fish (Ncheni)

Lower Shire River
 (below Kapichira Falls)


Catfish (Vundu, Kampang)

Lower Shire River
Senga Bay

 (up to 15 kg.)

Perch (Sungwa)

Upper Shire River

 (up to 28kg.)

“Lake Salmon” (Mpasa)

Northern part of Lake Malawi
(River Bua in Nkhota kota Wildlife.Reserve)

Further information can be obtained from the Angling Association of Malawi.

Horse Trails

Horseback safaris can be organized on Zomba Plateau with Dressage School who offers accompanied rides around the plateaus. Horse riding can also be organized from the lodges at Kande Horse Safaris

Mountain Biking and cycling

The Country’s mountainous terrain is ideal for this form of strenuous activity and is offered at Nkhatabay Luwawa forest Reserve, Mulanje Plateau and the Zomba Plateau are also ideal settings for this activity.

The country’s terrain also offers perfect opportunities for cycling which enables to
The country also offers ideal opportunities for cycling which enables tourists to have closer interaction with nature.


This is offered in both urban and resort areas. Most notable include Mlambe golf course in Mangochi, Lilongwe Golf club, Blantyre Sports club, Limbe Country Club, Indian Sports Club, Mzuzu golf club, Kasasa Club


This is an upcoming annual event that is organized by the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) bringing together both local and international participants on the shores of Lake Malawi.

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