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landofsmilesThe Land of smiles! This is Africa’s undiscovered gem! The people of Malawi are well known for their unique culture, warmth and hospitality and have been acknowledged by travelers as one the friendliest people in the World! It is one of the safest tourist destinations in the world! No wonder it has earned the accolade “the Warm Heart of Africa!

The Land of the “Lake of Stars”, Lake Malawi, also known as the Calendar Lake, is 365 miles and 52 miles at its longest and widest points. It is the 3rd largest fresh water lake in Africa and 11th in the World and lies within the great African Rift Valley and has a number of Islands two of which are habited and the rest are notable eco-islands.

cichlidsOne of the unique Places to Visit, is the Marine park at Cape Maclear which was declared a World Heritage Site and is home to over 1000 endemic recorded species of cichlids.

Malawi’s mountains and plateaus, hills, valleys and rivers offer breathtaking and spectacular scenery. The majestic Mount Mulanje, at 3000 metres above the sea level, is the highest point in central Africa and a popular destination for Adventure tourism.

From the plateaus of Nyika, Viphya and Zomba to the valleys of lower Shire, experience the real beauty of this small but magnificent country

elephantThe country’s National Parks, Wildlife and Forest reserves provide excellent game viewing and unforgettable bird watching experience. Small scale private and community game farms are becoming a popular feature.

The natural heritage of the People and Culture make Malawi a unique country. From dances, rituals, annual ceremonies and events, all spice up the cultural tourism calendar of the Warm Heart of Africa!

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