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This is the second largest of Malawi’s lakes, lying about 30km east of Zomba town. Lake Chilwa is a shallow lake and is surrounded by reed beds, swamp and marsh making it an excellent bird- watching territory, and an interesting place to get off the main track for a day or two.

The easiest way to get to Lake Chilwa is along the road from Zomba town which branches off the main road between Zomba and Lilongwe about 5km from the centre of Zomba. This leads to a peaceful lakeside fishing village of Kachulu.

The area is also ideal either for taking a stroll along the shore or a boat ride with fishermen who are always happy to do so.


Lake Chiuta is a shallow lake on the border between Malawi and Mozambique. It lies to the north of Lake Chilwa, which has no outlet, and the lakes are separated by a sandy ridge.

Lake Chiuta is 3-4 meters deep and ranges in size from 25 to 130 square kilometers, depending on the season and rainfall.
The region contains a unique assemblage of wildlife, fish and waterbird species. Covering almost 541,400 acres


Lake Kazuni is situated in Vwaza Marsh Game Reserve, situated in a low-lying area to the south west of Nyika Plateau.

Animals seen here include many elephant and buffalo plus lion, puku and kudu as well as exceptional birdlife.
There are predators at Vwaza but they are few, hopefully, recent increases in herbivore populations will also increase the numbers of lion, leopard and hyena. African wild dogs sometimes pass through, probably coming from Zambia but are very rarely seen.


Lake Malombe is fed and drained by the Shire River in southern Malaŵi. It lies in a broken depression running northwest from Lake Chilwa to Lake Malawi. Rice and corn (maize) are grown along the lake’s marshy shores during the dry season, and commercial fishing is economically important.


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