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Nkhotakota Game Reserve

This is Malawi’s largest Wildlife Reserve and is 1802 square km. It is 115km from Lilongwe and 642km from Blantyre. It was established as a Wildlife Reserve in 1954.

Situated to the east of Kasungu National Park, Nkhotakota covers a huge area of escarpment wilderness and numerous drainage lines join three major north-easterly flowing rivers: the Dwangwa (on the northern boundary), the Bua and the Kaombe. Woodland (mostly miombo) is the main vegetation-type and there is some fine riparian forest along the major rivers.
It has the following animals: - Elephant, Sable Antelope, Eland, Buffalo, Baboon, Hippo, Kudu, Hartebeest, Warthog, Zebra, and Grysbok.

Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve

This Wildlife Reserve is 986km in size and is situated in a low-lying area to the south west of Nyika Plateau in Malawi, and joining the Zambian Luangwa eco-system (South Luangwa park and Vwaza are about 60km apart), has permanent water, open floodplains and hilly woodlands. Animals seen here include many elephant and buffalo plus lion, kudu and kudu as well as exceptional birdlife.

landofsmilesVwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve may be one of Malawi's lesser-known (and little-visited) safari destinations, but it is surprisingly rewarding. It is rated as one of the best reserves in Africa thanks to this abundance and variety of wildlife.

In Malawi, Vwaza Marsh Game reserve looks out across the lake from which it takes its name. It is September, midway through the dry season; the rains are not expected for another three months. From the bar area, a constant ebb and flow of wildlife around the lake is visible.

Getting there

Air Malawi operates a service to Mzuzu from Lilongwe. From there it is two hours by road. Nyika Safaris provide a transfer for US$70 one-way. There are also transfers to and from Chelinda Camp in Nyika National Park.

When to go

landofsmilesAugust to November is the best time to go for game viewing. This is the dry season and the animals begin to concentrate around the water sources

Majete Wildlife Reserve

Majete Wildlife Reserve, proclaimed in 1955, is situated in the Lower Shire Valley, a section of Africa's Great Rift Valley, covering an area of 700 km2. Vegetation is diverse, ranging from moist miombo woodland in the western hills, to dry savannah in the east with prominent thickets along the riverbanks.

Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve

landofsmilesMwabvi Wildlife Reserve is located at the southernmost tip of Malawi. It is 135 sq km in size hence and the smallest of the Malawian reserves. Nevertheless it boasts a variety of habitats unequalled by the larger reserves, and, because of its remoteness, a wilderness atmosphere that is redolent of the old Africa of Livingstone and Stanley.







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